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A dysregulated adult cannot effectively show up for an out-of-control tiny human. Our kiddos depend on us to model self-regulation, and this challenge is designed to help you build your own skills so you can better guide your littles. 


The free challenge runs Monday, Jan. 18 through Friday, Jan. 22, and we can’t wait to see you there! 


When you join Seed & Sew’s Self-Regulation Challenge, you’ll get a daily video with the challenge for that day from Alyssa, plus tons of juicy resources, freebies and goodies. 


Starting Monday morning, you’ll receive the first video in your inbox. Along with new videos from Alyssa each day to keep you motivated and engaged to do this work, we’ll pop in with free, exclusive resources and other helpful goodness to help you on this journey. Starting late? No problem. If the challenge is already in action when you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the videos from the days prior so that you can dig into what we’ve been doing and start implementing right away.

Alyssa Blask Campbell, M.Ed., is an emotional development expert and researcher, small-town Vermonter, and podcaster. She’s saved her own life through the very emotional intelligence skills you’ll learn through this challenge and by becoming part of the Seed & Sew Village. 

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