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Want to stop yelling at your kiddo but don’t know what to do instead?

Learn the 5 skills your tiny human needs to feel calm and supported through our free emotion coaching guide.

You feel like you should know better. You remember from your own childhood the pit in your stomach you felt when your dad yelled at you or your mom made you feel ashamed. You worry you are repeating those negative patterns with your own kids. Each night, you commit to do better tomorrow, but then, in the moment, your child is kicking and screaming and you lose your temper once again.

You’re not alone. In more than ten years as an emotional development expert, I’ve coached thousands of parents in your shoes. Now, I’m breaking down the work I normally only do one-on-one into a free Emotion Coaching Guide that takes the pain out of parenting and helps you reconnect with your kiddo.

This guide is rooted in the Collaborative Emotional Processing Method (CEP) that I co-created. It offers the secret sauce for raising kind, compassionate children, and you can see real results in under a week.

As you dive into the guide, you’ll learn that the trick to raising emotionally intelligent humans isn’t avoiding big feelings, distracting them with toys, or yelling empty threats.

Hi there!

I’m Alyssa Blask Campbell, emotional development expert, small town Vermonter, podcaster, baby sleep whisperer, and someone who saved my own life through emotional intelligence, including the skills you’ll learn in this guide. For years I stuffed my feelings until I learned to process my emotions again in a healthy way. Now, I have the best job ever, sharing with committed parents and caregivers like you the tools that helped me live fully again.

Alyssa Black Campbell

Are you ready to stop yelling at your kiddo?

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