Daylight Saving Time won't mess with your sleep this year.

Snag Seed & Sew's free sleep guide

Ahhh, Daylight Saving Time, where we all get an extra hour of sleep. The clock moves from 2 a.m. back to 1 a.m., giving us all some extra time to snooze...

Unless you have a tiny human who didn’t get the memo that 5 a.m. is in fact NOT the new 6 a.m.

We've got you.

The clocks turn back on November 5, 2023, and we want to help you support your family in getting back to a regular sleep schedule — as quickly as possible!

In this free sleep guide, we share our favorite techniques for supporting tiny humans during this sleep transition. We also share two sample schedules that you can use as you ease your little one back into their routine.

Hi, I’m Alyssa.

I’m an emotional development expert, small town Vermonter, and mama who helps parents and caregivers learn the skills they need to help their tiny humans get the rest they need to nurture their health and development. I believe deep in my core that it takes a village to raise these tiny humans and no one is meant to do this solo. I love being in your village. We are here to support you with tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans, starting with ZZZs!

Alyssa Black Campbell
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