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Seed & Sew's Tiny Human Gift Guide

Plus a few of our favorite picks for parents, too!


We feel you! It’s the gift-giving season and it can feel like the pressure is on to give the perfect present or experience to the tiny humans in your life. Wishlists are a mile long and time is tight. Not to mention, you just want to give your little ones more of what they need—tools to nurture their brains, emotion-processing skills, and imaginations. 


You don’t have to add to their toybox—you can add to their toolbox. 


The Seed & Sew Gift Guide is the go-to list of our favorite toys, books, and games that will help your kiddos thrive well beyond the gifting season. 

This is the good stuff. We’ve filled this guide with the items we reach for on the shelves and have filled our own shopping carts with. These are not the usual players you’ll find in traditional gift guides. Instead, we developed this gift guide for people who want to give with intention this year. 

This list includes: 

✅ Toys that support emotional regulation 

✅ Toys that support sensory regulation 

✅ Fillers you can add to your tactile bins 

✅ Books that we love to read with tiny humans

✅ Goodies for parents, caregivers, and of course, yourself

➡️ Plus, we've included resources for navigating holiday gatherings and setting boundaries with tangible tools & scripts!

Emotion coaching, sensory regulation, and conscious parenting don’t have to stop during the holidays. Grab your free Seed & Sew Gift Guide and check off your shopping list with items that will help you feel good about what you’re giving this year.

Hi, I’m Alyssa.

I’m an emotional development expert, small town Vermonter, and podcaster who helps parents and caregivers learn the skills they need to help their tiny humans get the rest they need to nurture their health and development. I believe deep in my core that it takes a village to raise these tiny humans and no one is meant to do this solo. I love being in your village. We are here to support you with tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans!

Alyssa Black Campbell