A guide to nurturing healthy ZZZ's


Set your tiny human up for sleep success.

5 Things to Do Before Teaching Your Child To Fall Asleep Independently

You knew less sleep was part of the parenting bargain, but the continuous wakeups, the fighting, and meltdowns at every bedtime and naptime—something has to give. How do you help your tiny human learn to sleep on their own so you can all show up to life more fully?

Sleep is the foundation of our kiddo’s development, but helping them embrace it can be a challenge. Our free guide, “5 Things to Do Before Teaching Your Child To Fall Asleep Independently,” takes the guesswork out of building a healthy sleep foundation for your kiddos. This guide walks you through what factors to consider to help set your child up for success in learning to fall asleep independently (yes, truly).

Seed & Sew supports parents and caregivers with tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans, starting with ZZZs. Through our Seed Sleep courses and coaching, we give folks the tools to cultivate healthy sleep habits at every stage of childhood, from newborn through age 5. Our approach is emotionally supportive to maintain secure attachment and promote healthy development

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