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 The Village Membership.

A shame-free, judgement-free community for accountability and connection.

You do so much to show up for your kiddo in an emotionally supportive way. You read forums, magazines, blogs. You want to be intentional on this journey so you can enjoy it, rather than watch it go by at warp speed. 

But it’s a lot to do all the time. Applying techniques you were never taught as a kid isn’t easy. You feel like you do so much, but the message you keep getting is ‘do more.’

For all the resources out there, you haven’t found a space where you can just be yourself, a safe space you can lean on, where the message is you are doing enough.

You wish you had somewhere you could always turn to for the same guidance, support, and connection you’re trying to give your kiddo. Somewhere you could go with the tough questions knowing you’ll be met without judgment, and instead with empathy from other engaged parents and caregivers and personalized, professional support from experts in early childhood.

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Imagine a shame-free community that supports you through every step of raising a tiny human and helps you stay accountable to your goals. A community that shows up for you on tough days, and cheers you on every day.

As you move through each phase of your kiddo’s life, you feel equipped knowing you're not alone. You not only have the tools to support them in processing their emotions, but you have personalized, professional, and structured guidance you can turn to again and again.

You may still feel anxious or triggered when your kiddo is upset—but you know how to check it. Instead of freaking out over your child’s tantrum or challenging behavior, you know they’re working on processing an emotion. You let them feel it. You hold space for them. 

You’re both building your toolboxes and you feel excited because you know this work is going to change your life, and theirs.

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With over 200 engaged members, this is a virtual space where parents and caregivers find empathy, accountability, and connection on this journey. Expect personalized, professional support and resources for every phase of raising an emotionally intelligent tiny human—or several of them!

Our mantra is progress over perfection, and we help remind each other of it on the daily when it gets lost among diapers, sleep deprivation, and meltdowns.

This is a caring, judgment-free space where you can lay down all of your challenges and walk through them with early childhood experts and a community of parents and caregivers who are in the same space as you.

This is the most comprehensive program we have ever offered through Seed & Sew. It takes our Tiny Humans, Big Emotions and Reparenting courses further to nurture the work you are doing and help you stay committed to it.

You know that this work doesn’t only happen once. It’s ongoing, and that means you need ongoing support implementing it.
We aren’t just providing these courses and leaving you to implement them on your own. Membership is all about providing structure, accountability, and support in implementing every step of what you are learning. 

Our approach is rooted in behavioral science and cutting edge research on emotional development. Seed & Sew founder Alyssa Blask Campbell co-created the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method to help kiddos and parents effectively integrate big feelings into a stronger sense of attachment and connection.  

This approach doesn’t aspire to perfection, but rather focuses on real-life tools you can use to support you in raising an emotionally intelligent human. Most importantly, it’s about helping you and your child build a foundation of trust and learn how to handle the hard stuff. These tools will help you raise emotionally intelligent humans now and into the future.

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What it’s like to be in this Village

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Just wanted to let you know that we've made wonderful progress with our kid since the Tiny Humans, Big Emotions group call. The tantrums and meltdowns have decreased immensely and I've found him saying things like, "but Mom, I was scared"or "Mom, I'm feeling shy." It is wonderful.
- Anonymous
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If I’m having a hard time or have a question, I don’t always ask it. But knowing that if I need it I have this resource has been HUGE. There’s something truly special about knowing you have people who not only understand your struggles and are willing to help, but that will also give you empathetic support and advice that you’ll WANT to use because they share your parenting values. I’m not sure about everyone else, but that’s not always something I’ve had, even with my close friends, and it really, really impacts my ability to show up for my little babes.
- Amanda C.
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She gives such valuable information that you can immediately put into action and even if you’ve heard a bit of it from her podcasts and online resources it is so different to hear it in person. Things sink in more and more. I learn more tools every time I hear from her. So grateful to be part of the village she has created!
- Meagan Z.
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I feel like I can share (and receive feedback if I want) about the really hard stuff that I don’t talk about with almost anyone else. It helps so much to have a non judgemental, like-minded community to vent to, bounce ideas off of, share wins with.
-Kristin M.
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I’ve always loved the mantra progress over perfection. It’s one thing to say it to myself over and over, and it’s completely different and validating to live it in community. I am so grateful for the vulnerability everyone brings to this space. Especially in the context of this year of pandemic, it is such a support to know I’m not alone.
- Katie K.
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Alyssa truly has an abundance of knowledge and is so helpful.

- Loren P.

A support system for raising emotionally intelligent humans

The Village Membership focuses on tools you can use in the hard moments to help you and your child identify, begin to understand, and process emotions. Each month, we’ll release new resources and offer workshops that will help you stay accountable to this work as you build a sense of groundedness during the hard times and a deeper, more authentic connection with your child. With the ongoing guidance of the Seed & Sew team, you’ll be able to handle big emotions in a way that promotes long-lasting mental health.

tiny humans, big emotions
When you join The Village Membership, you will learn how to:

checkUnderstand your child’s behavior and why it’s happening

checkRespond to tantrums/meltdowns with intention

checkBuild a connection with your child where you are a person they trust to be vulnerable with

checkHelp your child express emotions without hitting/kicking/biting/spitting

checkSupport your kiddo’s toolbox for processing emotions, not just burying them

checkDevelop your child’s coping strategies so they have the tools to regulate their central nervous system and respond with intention

checkSet and hold developmentally appropriate boundaries

checkUnderstand your patterns and habits and how they influence how you parent 

checkRewrite narratives and confidently self-regulate

Through The Village Membership, we’ll provide structure and accountability to help you stay committed to the work you are doing to raise an emotionally intelligent human.

You’ll see this work spilling over into your relationship with your child, your partner, your family, friends, and into every area of your life.

The Village Membership comes with monthly benefits to support and guide you in this work, including:

checkAccess to our two core courses, Tiny Humans Big Emotions and It Starts With You: Reparenting Your Adult Self (a $147 value)

checkWeekly live video calls with our team to ask questions and get answers in real-time—you won’t get this anywhere else in our village

checkAn Empathy Buddies program for 1:1 connection and support with other parents

checkAccess to the members-only portal to ask your individual questions

checkMonthly bonuses to help you implement the strategies into your daily life

checkLive Q&A workshops with guest teachers

checkMonthly challenges to put what you’re learning to practice

checkGot mail? All annual members of the village will receive our Bundle Box in the mail filled with mantra magnets, emotion processing cards, and other goodies to use with your kiddos daily. 

This is everything I’m craving. I want on the waitlist!


Hi There!

I'm Alyssa, a small-town Vermonter, podcaster, emotional development expert, and the co-creator of the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method. I’ve devoted my career to helping parents and caregivers build emotional intelligence in their tiny humans. For years I stuffed my feelings until I learned to process my emotions again in a healthy way, and I’ve seen the transformative power of this work in the lives of families just like yours. 

Since starting Seed & Sew 3 years ago, I’ve been blown away by the commitment, passion, and enthusiasm of the people who make up this village. My team and I built The Village Membership as a response to what the community asked for: ongoing support and more personalized connection to dive deeper. 

It fills my heart with such joy to be in community with all of you and to lead you in The Village Membership and dive deeper into this work, together.

There’s never been a more important moment to invest in your connection with your child.

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Let’s be honest—even when we have the best of intentions, emotional intelligence work can take a backseat. Sometimes we simply lack the tools to stay consistent as new challenges arise, or we’re not sure where to start. The Village Membership will not only help you further this work, it will help you stay accountable to it. You’ll have opportunities to take what you’re learning deeper and apply it alongside a community of folks who are as passionate about raising emotionally intelligent humans as you are. 

Rather than just giving you access to the courses and providing workshops each month, we’re going to be there with you for every step as you apply this work. Membership will provide structure and accountability as you implement these strategies, and the Seed & Sew team will be there for you every day to guide you.

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I have needed and craved to belong to a community. The Village has given me a place where I can support other parents and be supported when I need it. As we work together to raise our kids, we're also collectively raising our inner children with kindness. Because of this Village I am showing up in the world in ways that I am proud of. I have empathy, humility and patience for people I encounter and I'm taking care of myself for the first time in years. I am letting go of shame and replacing it with compassion. I don't say this lightly- The Village saved my life. I show up with these people every day and we provide each other the safety needed to regulate ourselves and gift that along to our children. My mental health has improved, my physical health has improved and my relationships are improving. It was intimidating to sign up and I'm so freaking glad I did. I love every member of The Village for who they are and where they're at. It's an amazing place to be. I'm so glad you're all on this journey with me.
- Arna M.
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Before joining this community, I didn't really know how to react or what to do when my kids pushed boundaries or had tantrums. I remember thinking multiple times, "I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know if I'm helping or making it worse." The advice I get from this community (and the Seed and Sew courses) has really altered my parenting in meaningful ways, so I feel more able to help my kids when they are having big feelings. It's my go-to place now if I have a question or need to feel understood. Hearing other moms who are asking similar questions and going through similar experiences has really helped me know that I'm not alone. We're all trying our best to be supportive parents. I don't have to be perfect or feel like I'm failing. It's okay to make mistakes and try better next time. Overall, my expectations for what parenting toddlers looks like have become much more realistic because I see that we are all going through similar things.
- Jamie W. 
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Thank you for another lovely evening last night of learning more about toddlerhood and how to best support my son. It has been SO helpful and I come home and just unload everything to my husband and after that conversation we both feel like a more united team with more tools instead of two folks scrambling in the dark.
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This community has helped remind me that I'm not alone in so many of the parenting (and just human!) struggles I go through. I love how real we can be here. Also, on a lighter note, it's fun to be among other parents who are interested in child development and emotional intelligence and all of the things we nerd out about together. I'm not in a child-/psychology-/education-related field at all, so this has been such a wonderful way to explore these topics more!
- Ariel P.
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Such a fan–I have been using some of the techniques and it's amazing to see my son react and process his thoughts, feelings and emotions. I can see the wheels spinning on his head - you are doing an amazing thing!
- Anonymous

Friend, I know you have a lot on your plate. I know it might feel like you won’t have time for this. But this is the most important work you can do right now. You won’t have another opportunity to raise your tiny human—this is it.

I know sometimes you wonder, after all the effort you put in, why your child still doesn’t listen to you, or still gets upset when you ask them to do something.



Old wounds can be healed, and we all have them, even if your parents seemed perfect growing up. No one is born to be stagnant, and we all have the potential to learn, grow, heal, and transform. 


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Thank you for doing this, it was really informative and very helpful. 


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You’re changing my world and saving my family. Thank you.


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I’ve just listened to your class from last night and wow. As always, thank you (and your team) for being such an amazing human and helping me navigate life. I’ve had some really tough stuff going on and this is what I think I needed to start navigating it. I hear all the time but now I really understand why I have to start looking after myself. I see and appreciate you. Thank you.
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Everyone has the same goal of being better to help their kids.
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My daughter had her 4 year check up today and I found myself using so many of the tools I’ve learned through Seed and Sew. I spent the days leading up prepping her with small reminders that we’d be going to the doctor, about the order of events, that she’d be getting shots etc. When she told me she was scared, I knew to validate that emotion & how to help her cope with it. When we were waiting to be brought back to the exam room, we did some big jumps (the only way I can get her to do it is by counting every jump! She gets such a kick out of making me count super fast). I was so impressed with her throughout the appointment and tonight it’s just hitting me how grateful I am to have found this group.
- Anonymous
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I have been reparenting myself thanks to the reparenting course. I found through this course that my biggest fear was that someone would not love me. I received conditional love as a child. Disobedience was punished. Good behavior was rewarded with all of the wonderful things. I was a good kid, obviously. This led to extreme perfectionism, fear of conditional love, the inability to love myself unless I’m perfect because if my parents couldn’t love me when I was not perfect how could I love myself as a flawed being? Realizing this now and showing myself that I am worthy of love, even in my flawed moments, has brought about a lot of change. I also now see how I can do the same for my own children. What matters is that we love them, and that they love themselves. And I thank this community for reminding me of that daily. I love journeying through the complications of parenthood with all of you loving people. I love learning and growing into a more accepting, happy person and parent, even in all of my many flaws.
- Erin R.

Friend, I know it's not easy to see your kiddo sad, or angry, or overwhelmed. 

But the best gift we can give our tiny humans to help them struggle less in life is to learn how to deal with the range of their feelings and express them in healthy ways—and that starts with you.

If you’ve you’ve been wishing for better ways to respond to meltdowns and tantrums that don’t leave you both exhausted, if you want to build a connection with your kiddo so they feel comfortable being vulnerable with you, if you want to stay accountable to the work you are doing and continue to see progress, this membership is for you. 


I want to be a Village member.

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