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The Village Membership.

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A shame-free, judgement-free community for accountability & connection.

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A place to turn to for guidance, support & connection on this parenting journey.

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Where you can go with the tough questions, knowing you’ll be met without judgement, and instead with empathy from other parents & caregivers.

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Where you can get professional guidance from experts in early childhood.

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Welcome to The Village Membership 

With members from around the world, this is a virtual space where parents and caregivers find empathy, accountability, and connection on this journey. Expect personalized, professional support and resources for every phase of raising an emotionally intelligent tiny human—or several of them!

Our mantra is progress over perfection, and we help remind each other of it on the daily when it gets lost among diapers, sleep deprivation, and meltdowns.

This is a caring, judgement-free space where you can lay down all of your challenges and walk through them with early childhood experts and a community of parents and caregivers who are in the same space as you.

This membership takes our Tiny Humans, Big Emotions and Reparenting courses further to nurture the work you are doing and help you stay committed to it.


This is exactly what I need!

The Village Membership comes with monthly benefits to support and guide you in this work, including:

 checkWeekly live video calls with our team to ask questions and get answers in real-time—you won’t get this anywhere else in our village

checkAn Empathy Buddies program for 1:1 connection and support with other parents

checkAccess to the members-only portal to ask your individual questions

checkMonthly bonuses to help you implement the strategies into your daily life

checkLive Q&A workshops with guest teachers

checkMonthly challenges to put what you’re learning to practice

checkGot mail? All annual members of the village will receive our Bundle Box in the mail filled with mantra magnets, emotion processing cards, and other goodies to use with your kiddos daily. 

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This is everything I’m craving.

Doors are currently closed.

Hear what our Village members have to say...

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"I am in disbelief and such gratitude that I'm lucky enough to be in a community of folks willing (or at least open) to exploring this heavy stuff. Wow."

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"I see this group as the best investment I've made in myself. I was missing meaningful connection in my life and found a community here that is safe, honest, and on the same journey."

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"It's also really affirming to hear how others are struggling with similar and different things - we are all together in facing problems!"

Unlock your access to Alyssa's workshop on Regulation and Coping  when you join now!


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Hi There!

I'm Alyssa, a mama, small-town Vermonter, podcaster, emotional development expert, and the co-creator of the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method. I’ve devoted my career to helping parents and caregivers build emotional intelligence in their tiny humans. I’ve seen the transformative power of this work in the lives of families just like yours. 

Since starting Seed & Sew, I’ve been blown away by the commitment, passion, and enthusiasm of the people who make up this village. My team and I built The Village Membership as a response to what the community asked for: ongoing support and more personalized connection to dive deeper. 

It fills my heart with such joy to be in community with all of you and to lead you in The Village Membership and dive deeper into this work, together.

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Our goal is not to raise obedient children or children who are always happy.
It's to raise children who have a safe space to break down complex feelings. 
Our goal is to help you build a relationship of trust and respect with your child.

I know sometimes you wonder, after all the effort you put in, why your child still doesn’t listen to you, or still gets upset when you ask them to do something. No one is born to be stagnant, and we all have the potential to learn, grow, heal, and transform. It takes a village.

I want in on this Village!


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Friend, I know it's not easy to see your kiddo sad, or angry, or overwhelmed. 

The best gift we can give our tiny humans to help them struggle less in life is to learn how to navigate the range of their feelings and express them in healthy ways—and that starts with you.

If you’ve you’ve been wishing for better ways to respond to meltdowns and tantrums that don’t leave you both exhausted, if you want to build a connection with your kiddo so they feel comfortable being vulnerable with you, if you want to stay accountable to the work you are doing and continue to see progress, this membership is for you. 


I want to be a Village member.

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