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It Starts With You: The Seed Guide to Reparenting Your Adult Self Class

When you start with you, you are better able to show up in your life and for your kiddos. 

By better understanding your starting point as a parent or caregiver, you’ll feel better equipped to process big emotions. You’ll feel more confident caring for your own sensory needs so you can show up in life as your whole self. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, you’ll learn how to process them in healthy ways. This isn’t just about your role as a parent or caregiver — this is about helping you enjoy life more, and giving you tools to help others in your life to do the same. 


When you purchase the Reparenting Course you unlock one year of access to: 

 Over an hour's worth of video content

 24-page downloadable workbook of exercises and support tools

Our Reparenting course will help you:

  1. Understand how your childhood affects who you are now
  2. Rewrite patterns and habits that no longer serve you
  3. Set and hold healthy boundaries

Learn to rewrite your narratives and respond with intention.

And If You're Not 100% Satisfied... Neither Am I.

30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course.

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What People Are Saying:

Alyssa!! I want to hug you so hard. My husband is having some major breakthroughs since yesterday. Today he looks at me and says “I’m just going to take a minute. I know it's not F____’s job to calm down for me and it's all a bit much. Can you take over?” He left, regulated, came back and helped our little girl with some very big emotions.” “That little boy felt safe enough to turn to his mama. His mama was regulated enough to support him. She was also able to regulate enough to find added support for him that didn’t jeopardize his privacy. YOU ARE CRUSHING THIS WHOLE PARENTING THING...and now I’m crying tears of joy and gratitude for this village.