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The Highly Sensitive Child Workshop

Are you struggling to support your highly sensitive child? Do you find yourself wishing you had more tools to tap into in the moment with them? Highly sensitive children often face unique challenges with their sensory and emotional well-being and in this workshop we will dive into what it can look like to support those unique needs.

A highly sensitive child might:

+ have a hard time feeling calm if someone else is having a hard emotion
+ struggle with changes in routine or transitions from one activity to the next
+ be acutely aware of sounds, textures, smells, touch, and taste
+ present as a baby with colic
+ take a long time to come down from a tantrum or meltdown

Here are some of the tools to support your highly sensitive child that you’ll learn during my upcoming workshop:

  • Understanding where your child's behaviors are coming from and which situations can be more challenging for your child. 
  • Learning the differences between emotional sensitivities and sensory sensitives and how they can overlap.
  • Learning new, tangible ways to respond to your kiddo’s big emotions in a developmentally-appropriate manner, taking into account their unique sensitivities. 


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