Activities for Kid's Regulation


Tools to help you support your child's central nervous system and emotion processing.

The big meltdown when putting on his shoes to go outside. A bout of hitting and kicking even though she knows not to hurt other people's bodies. Bouncing off the walls. Sound familiar? I feel you, friend. 

On the surface, it may feel like you're just dealing with another challenging behavior, but at the root, it might just be that your child needs a little sensory support. 

Imagine that every child has a "bank" for regulating the central nervous system. We need to make deposits into the reserve because withdrawals are inevitable. We call these deposits "sensory-rich activities." These activities can help to regulate the central nervous system allowing your kiddo to access their full brain and process their emotions.

We've broken down some of our favorite sensory-rich activities that you can turn to for ideas when your little one needs some extra help regulating. 

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