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Emotionally supportive sleep

90% of my clients come to me with the SAME underlying issue. Nope, it’s not that their child is just trying to deprive them of deliciously, restful sleep. So, what is it?! White noise? Blackout curtains? Strong-willed children? Breastfeeding to sleep? Co-sleeping? Crib sleeping? ... Nope, none of the above. Fresh out of ideas? I’ll let you in on my secrets. 

The answer is... Sleep Pressure!

Sleep pressure is the magic window of tiredness that we strive for in sleep. It's the right amount of tired, not overtired or undertired. It's a bit of science, and usually some troubleshooting, but often getting good sleep is as simple as adjusting timing. We know that an overtired kiddo will have a harder time falling and staying asleep, and a child who isn’t tired enough may take a quick nap at bedtime and then be up and ready to rage. Fine tuning daytime sleep to optimize sleep pressure can be a GAME CHANGER for overnights.

Sleep pressure is at the root of the majority of sleep challenges. We can optimize overnight sleep with the timing of daytime sleep.

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Our Sleep Guide outlines sample schedules for 3, 2, and 1 naps, with wake windows that optimize sleep pressure for overnights.

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I’m Alyssa Blask Campbell, emotional development expert, mama, small town Vermonter, podcaster, baby sleep whisperer, and someone who saved my own life through emotional intelligence, including the skills you’ll learn in this guide. For years I stuffed my feelings until I learned to process my emotions again in a healthy way. Now, I have the best job ever, sharing with committed parents and caregivers like you the tools that helped me live fully again.

Alyssa Black Campbell

Are you ready to feel rested again?

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