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If you’re a mama looking for a supportive, welcoming environment to share your struggles and build tools, Mama’s Getaway Weekend is for you. 

This will be a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend where we will help you build your toolbox. At the same time, this isn’t a spa retreat. We will have real, heartfelt conversations and at times dive into some of the raw experiences of motherhood. If you’re open to learning, sharing your journey, and seeing it from new perspectives, I promise you babe, you’ll get so much out of this weekend.


You will come away from this weekend feeling supported, recharged, and more confident in your parenting journey.



We are so excited to offer this amazing opportunity to cultivate relationships, build our parenting toolboxes, hold space for one another, and connect with other mamas who share our struggles and want to feel less alone on this journey.  

What will you get out of Mama's Getaway Weekend?!

  • Feel less alone in this journey 
  • Connect with a village of mamas experiencing similar struggles
  • Expand and build your emotional toolbox  
  • Reconnect to truths that you know in your heart, but are easy to forget in the day-to-day bustle 
  • Learn coping strategies for yourself that translate to parenting with connection
  • Bring home strategies for working with your co-parent to be consistent in raising emotionally intelligent tiny humans together 
  • Gain language for responding to your tiny human with intention
  • Find greater confidence in your parenting skills 
  • Build relationships  
  • Feel relaxed!

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your toolbox with other mamas.
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Hi, I’m Alyssa.

I’m an emotional development expert, small town Vermonter, and podcaster who helps parents and caregivers learn the skills they need to help their tiny humans get the rest they need to nurture their health and development. I believe deep in my core that it takes a village to raise these tiny humans and no one is meant to do this solo. I love being in your village. We are here to support you with tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans!

Alyssa Black Campbell