The future is emotionally intelligent 

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Hey there, I'm Alyssa Blask Campbell. 

I'm a teacher, parent, and an emotional development
expert with a masters degree in early childhood
education. I 
co-created the Collaborative Emotion
Processing method, researching across the country.

"I'm on a mission to change the ways adults experience children’s emotions
so we can respond with intention to raise emotionally intelligent humans."

Snag my book, Tiny Humans, Big Emotions today!

Transform your child's classroom with Seed & Sew's research-backed emotional development programĀ for schools.Ā 

Bring the S.E.E.D. CertificationĀ® to your child's school!

Free resource library

Sleep Guide

Our guide to emotionally supportive sleep for children birth - five years.

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Activities for Kid's Regulation

Giving children the power of regulation
through guided activities.

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How to Raise Resilient Kids

Tools for responding to the big emotions from our kids.

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Regulation Quiz

Learn your childā€™sĀ unique calming strategiesĀ and put an end to your emotional struggles.

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The Parenting with Intention Workshop Bundle

Includes our two flagship classes: Tiny Humans, Big Emotions & It Starts With You: Reparenting Your Adult Self

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It Starts With You: Reparenting Your Adult Self

This class will teach you how to better process your own emotions so you can help have a healthier relationship with others and enjoy life more.

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Tiny Humans, Big Emotions

This class will teach you simple ways to soothe yourself so that you can meet your child with confidence, even in the midst of a tantrum or other big emotion, with the grace and patience she deserves.

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Sleep Classes

These classes, broken down by age, show you how to establish and maintain developmentally appropriate expectations (DAE) so you can implement sleep routines for your kiddo.

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The Highly Sensitive Child

Join me in this hour-long workshop as we dive into sensory and emotional sensitivities, exploring the root causes and learning tools to help support these unique and wonderful kiddos.

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Moving from Coping Mechanisms to Coping Strategies

Let's dive into mechanisms and strategies, looking at the differences between the two, how they can co-exist, and how to move from coping mechanisms to coping strategies.

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Bring the S.E.E.D. CertificationĀ® to your child's school!

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What our community has to say

"We have begun to implement specific activities to meet our almost 3 year old's needs with vestibular and proprioceptive movements. After the webinar, I've really noticed just how wiggly my girl is and I now understand how to translate that into activities that meet her unspoken needs."

"I've only followed Alyssa on IG for a couple weeks, but all the tools she's provided have been a game changer. My 3yo is superrrr big in emotions, so I know what it's like. Purchased the course, I'm sooo in!!!!!"

"I snagged the courses on discount and am LOVING them. I feel like this was what was missing for me for support. Thank you so much. Bonus- my husband is watching them with me and I've already noticed a shift!"

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