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Hey there, I’m Alyssa Blask Campbell


Small town Vermonter, podcaster, getting kiddos quality ZZZs, and building emotional intelligence in our tiny humans.

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As the only girl with four brothers in a small farm town, I grew up in the village in the traditional sense, grandparents down the street, running in and out of neighborhood houses.  At age five I could be found walking around with my infant brother in my arms, soothing him to sleep. As the years unfolded this trend continued, caring for multiple children at once in my teen years, supporting single, working moms, and nannying all through college. After getting my bachelors degree I moved to NYC as a live-in nanny to elementary school-aged kiddos and started teaching preschool during the day while they were at school.

On the outside things looked great for me, but on the inside I was banking on coping mechanisms to survive because I didn’t have coping strategies to thrive.

Ya see, back in those teen years I had been a rape victim. I know that can be hard to read, it used to be impossible for me to say or even write. Thanks to therapy in my 20s and an amazing community, that word no longer sends me into an anxiety attack as so many things did. Emotional intelligence saved my life, and now I get to support parents, teachers, and caregivers so it can save others’ too. Want to tackle bullying? Sexual assault? Gun violence? Want to reduce anxiety, and prepare our kiddos for whatever comes their way in this life? That is what we are doing at Seed & Sew; let me pull up a chair for you.