Howdy, hi! Hello! And, welcome to this week’s episode of Voices of Your Village, episode 123! You guys! We did it, the Tiny Humans, Big Emotions course is out, and right along with it is the Reparenting course. These bad boys have been in the works for months and I am so completely stoked to finally be able to share them with you.


I have been doing Tiny Humans, Big Emotions as an in-person workshop for years and I am so jazzed to have it all together for you in this handy dandy online course. 


Because now you can watch it whenever it fits your schedule, reference it back, share it with your partner or co-parent, and have a concrete toolbox for fostering emotional intelligence in your tiny humans. This is it, man! This is the workshop for doing that.

Our Reparenting course is a different, but equally important, ballgame. It is the place for you to reparent your adult self. It’s time to dive into those inner child narratives and the ego that comes up to protect them, and start to build awareness around this in order to regulate it.


“Choose how to respond, instead of reacting.”


Just this week, you can bundle these courses together for a hot deal! Both courses are on sale until June 2nd.

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll hear part of the Boundaries module covered in the Tiny Humans, Big Emotions course. This is straight from the THBE course and is followed in the course by the Discipline module. So, if your ears are itching for more you can go ahead and snag the course to tune into all the other modules that go hand in hand as we take this journey together.


Guys, it was so important to us to keep these courses affordable and accessible. 


Come on over, and snag them for this limited-time launch price at or and you know we’re always happy to have you over at our mothership, to access everything we have to offer.

All right babe, enjoy this sneak peek into Tiny Humans, Big Emotions!


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