Conversation with a 5-year-old, with Mabel Chew

voices of your village Jul 12, 2018


This week’s podcast is one that has never been done before! I had the amazing opportunity to talk with an incredibly funny and intelligent 5-year-old kiddo, Mabel Jane Chew. She shared experiences with me from her sleep to her daily adventures that she has with her family. Mabel was honest and pure with me right from the start of our chat, which truly made it such an enjoyable and fun experience!

At the start of our chat, Mabel shared with me who was in her family including her mom and dad, and her 3-year-old brother, Maslo. Mabel and I then started talking about sleep. I had the opportunity of working with Mabel’s family on sleep and helped them to create a sleep schedule that worked for Mabel and her family. As Mabel shared, initially she did not like the idea of having to sleep by herself. When her parents were first starting to work on her sleep schedule, she would throw tantrums and would feel really sad because she didn’t like the idea of her parents only staying in her room for a small amount of time, but now Mabel is able to fall asleep without a problem! 


“When we first started, I didn’t like the idea at all, and now I have gotten used to it.”


Although it took time, Mabel shared that she eventually got used to it. In the beginning, Mabel expressed that her mom and dad would stay in her room for “5 hours”, but now when she wakes up, she will go and find her dad. He then brings her back to her room, sings a couple of songs, and she is able to fall back asleep.

Mabel and I also got the chance to talk about her love for drawing! Mabel was thrilled to learn that her mom often posts pictures of her artwork on the internet. She exciting potential that her artwork could make her famous. One picture that Mabel talked about was a drawing of a rose. She decided to draw a rose because it was her favorite flower and above the rose, she wrote, “You need love” as the caption. Even during our chat, Mabel was busy drawing a picture of a bluebell flower.

Mabel then shared her experience of what it will be like as she moves into a new class next year.  Although Mabel will have the same teacher, Teacher Tom, she is still scared to start and meet new people. She was happy to share with me that she has already made a lot of friends while being at school. 

As we wrapped up our conversation, Mabel shared some important advice that she felt listeners should know about kids. Mabel expressed that people are able to do things if they just try! 


“Don’t just tell people they can’t do something because maybe they can  do it”


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