Schools Excelling in Emotional Development (S.E.E.D.) Certification®


The new wave of professional development for early childhood educators

20% of early childhood teachers burnout every year

Teachers are feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced. 

They're yearning for a school that prioritizes teacher education, support, and community.

They want to collaborate with families in a unified approach, raising emotionally intelligent children.

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Reduce teacher turnover with the S.E.E.D. Certification®


Calling on her own experience as a teacher and director and the burnout she saw and lived, Seed & Sew founder Alyssa Blask Campbell, M.Ed., has collaborated with other experts in the ECE field to develop a comprehensive, practical certification program for childcare centers and home based care providers like yours.

What does it mean to be a S.E.E.D. Certified® school?

Despite the high demand for teachers in all age groups, we find that teachers are leaving the field in escalated numbers.

But what if teachers felt that their emotional needs were supported, and that they could teach alongside their colleagues with a unified approach?

By becoming certified as a School Excelling in Emotional Development (S.E.E.D.)®, you'll be supporting your teachers with the tools they need to respond to kid’s big emotions with self-awareness and self-regulation, creating a collaborative, inclusive environment in which teachers and tiny humans thrive. To become S.E.E.D. Certified®, every teacher at a school must complete the training program, resulting in a unified, consistent approach.

Yes! I want my school to be certified.

With the S.E.E.D. Certification®, your school will have...

Teachers who feel seen & supported.

A framework for emotional regulation for the adults and children.

Teachers and families working together in a unified approach.

What's included?

 7 hours of professional development 

 Ongoing implementation support from our Seed & Sew team 

 On-demand access to the workshops for as long as the school stays certified, including new teachers added for free

✔ All families in the school get access to Tiny Humans, Big Emotions 

 Curricula to support this work in the classroom 

 A deck of Emotion Cards 

 Inclusion in the S.E.E.D. Certified® Schools Database for parents and teachers to find your school

S.E.E.D. Certification® and Tiny Humans, Big Emotions are available in English and Spanish.

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All families get access to our Tiny Humans, Big Emotions program

When you become a S.E.E.D. Certified® School your families get access to our signature online program to support them with tools to do this work with their kiddos. Bridge the home school connection with a unified approach to emotional development.

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Meet Alyssa

check An emotional development expert and the co-creator of the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method, Alyssa Blask Campbell is committed to helping parents and caregivers build emotional intelligence in their tiny humans.

Alyssa grew up in a village in the traditional sense, with grandparents down the street in a neighborhood where everyone knew each other’s name. Throughout her teens, she supported single and working moms, nannying all through college and beyond. Alyssa went on to get her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and found her soul fulfilled as she walked alongside folks committed to raising emotionally intelligent humans.

Through Seed & Sew, she provides training, coaching, and ongoing support to parents, teachers, and caregivers around emotional development, reparenting, and sleep. Alyssa is a small town Vermonter and mama and you can hear her talk about all things emotional development on her podcast, Voices of Your Village, which is currently tuned into from over 100 countries worldwide.

check Seed & Sew is a village of people across the globe raising emotionally intelligent humans.

With hundreds of thousands of people in our village, we are parents, educators, ECE experts, and lifelong learners who value progress over perfection and have a passion for doing this work so we can foster healthy development in our tiny humans.

Seed & Sew offers training in emotional development, sleep, and reparenting through online and in person workshops, coaching, and more to make this possible, and our engaged social media followers and faithful podcast listeners have created a shame-free online village.

Meet the Workshop Instructors

Our workshops focus specifically on:

 Bias & Self Awareness in the Classroom

Anti-Bias Curriculum for Anti-Racist Classrooms 

✔ Self-Care to Prevent Burnout 

✔ Sensory Integration Beyond Sensory Bins: Calming the Central Nervous System

✔ Connecting with Families

✔ Emotion Coaching for Emotion Processing 

✔ Boundaries, Discipline, & Visual Aids for Emotionally Supportive Classrooms

✔ Supporting the Development of Children’s Regulation and Language Through Play 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to providing high-quality care. We created the S.E.E.D. Certification® Scholarship Program to support schools who are providing care for marginalized communities.

The scholarship program is designed so we can all pitch in to support children getting access to high-quality childcare. The scholarship program will prioritize schools with BIPOC and low income families.

Apply to our S.E.E.D. scholarship program

Reduce burnout, attract parents and teachers, and create a positive environment where everyone thrives

Rather than pay once for your teachers to attend a conference only to return without the support to implement what they’ve learned, give your teachers the ongoing resources to dive deeper into the curriculum and make lasting change in their classrooms. Plus, new hires will be given access to the content all year long. 


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