Schools Excelling in Emotional Development (S.E.E.D.) Certification®

Supporting the use of research-backed practices in the classroom to build emotional intelligence and reduce teacher burnout.

The S.E.E.D. Certification® includes...

Professional development 

8 asynchronous workshops and ongoing live PD, on top of our content library.

Access to coaches

Reach out with all of your classroom challenges to get free expert support.

Teacher retention

The program pays for
itself by retaining just
3 teachers/school.

Community of practice

Connect with other S.E.E.D. Certified® teachers, providers, and directors.

Early childhood experts

Join live Q&A sessions with early childhood experts across the country.


Over $26,949 worth of content and support for a fraction of the cost. 

Family support

Families get access to our best-selling Tiny Humans, Big Emotions class.

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We've collected the data showing what teachers are truly yearning for, and can't wait to share it with you. 

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What's included?

 8 asynchronous core workshops, plus a catalog of additional professional development

 Expert coaching from our interdisciplinary Seed & Sew team 

 On-demand access to the workshops for as long as the school stays certified, including new teachers added for free

✔ All families in the school get access to Tiny Humans, Big Emotions 

 Accessible, easy to use app for community access and ongoing expert coaching support

 Inclusion in the S.E.E.D. Certified® Schools Database for families and teachers to find your school

S.E.E.D. Certification® and Tiny Humans, Big Emotions are available in English and Spanish.

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All families get access to our Tiny Humans, Big Emotions program

When you become a S.E.E.D. Certified® School your families get access to our signature online program to support them with tools to do this work with their kiddos. Bridge the home school connection with a unified approach to emotional development.

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What our programs are saying...

"It is evident that the content of the S.E.E.D. Certification was created by someone who has lived experience working in a classroom with young children. All of the concepts speak directly to our work and what is needed in our field. It is rare to find a certification program that considers the unique challenges in early childhood education so completely." 

"I feel like Seed & Sew came into my life when I needed something to keep me in it after 30 years. Exploring all of what Alyssa & the Seed team have to offer has been a light in what was a dim tunnel. I have resources and connections now. I feel thoroughly supported."

"WOW! What an amazing seven hours. I am going back to watch at least the first three again! It is user friendly! NOT BUSY WORK and I love that. Great reflective questions."

The Workshops:

 Bias & Self Awareness in the Classroom

Anti-Bias Curriculum for Anti-Racist Classrooms 

✔ Self-Care to Prevent Burnout 

✔ Sensory Integration Beyond Sensory Bins: Calming the Central Nervous System

✔ Connecting with Families

✔ Emotion Coaching for Emotion Processing 

✔ Boundaries, Discipline, & Visual Aids for Emotionally Supportive Classrooms

✔ Supporting the Development of Children’s Regulation and Language Through Play 

Meet the Workshop Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

Reduce burnout, attract families and teachers, and create a positive environment where everyone thrives

Rather than pay once for your teachers to attend a conference only to return without the support to implement what they’ve learned, give your teachers the ongoing resources to dive deeper into the curriculum and make lasting change in their classrooms. Plus, new hires will be given access to the content all year long. 


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