Ear infections, breast feeding, immune support, and all things chiro care, with Dr. Dersham

voices of your village Oct 04, 2018



For today’s episode, I had the incredible opportunity to talk with my chiropractor pal, Stacy. Stacy graduated from chiropractic college in 2008 and immediately began work at a family practice in Hartford, Ct. Stacy’s practiced worked primarily with women and children beginning at infancy. She has always had an interest in pediatrics and once her practice started rolling that interest just increased with Stacy then beginning to do prenatal chiropractic work as well. Stacy has brought this interest to her practice in Fall River, MA, and has loved getting to service the expansive world of womanhood, birth, and childhood through chiropractic care. 

“Movement is life. If you aren’t moving you’re dying, and if you’re not moving properly you’re just speeding up that process.”

I met Stacy when she was at chiropractor college with my older brother Bryan. Prior to Bryan attending this school, I wouldn’t have known what chiropractic care encompassed, but as soon as he opened the world up to me I began seeing chiropractors and I haven’t stopped since. Stacy further explored that world by explaining the ins-and-outs of chiropractors, beginning with what so many don’t know, which is everything in our body comes down to chiropractors! It’s all in the nerves, baby! Stacy explained that the beginning of chiropractic education is all about studying movement, how our bodies are supposed to move, and why we don’t always move this way. Stacy said that most of her job is making sure we’re moving correctly so that we can keep trucking with our daily lives. My chiropractor reiterated this point for me a couple of years ago when I explained to them that I spend most of my day with a tiny human on my left hip, if I hadn’t been instructed to switch up which hip was my go-to kid hangout spot then any amount of hip/spine pain could have emerged in my life.

“My son was adjusted hours after being born, even the most natural of births are not as natural as they can be.”

Stacy also spoke on the fear that some parents have surrounding taking their tiny humans to a chiropractor. She acknowledged that yes, that cracking sound that you hear can be scary at first, but for anyone who has this fear there are always other ways to get the bodily result that you’re looking for without that cracking sound, especially with tiny humans. The earliest Stacy has done any adjusting is on a 3 day old. She explained that working on littles is the same as working on any adult, she is feeling for vibrations in the body. Working on tiny humans is Stacy’s favorite, because of their malleability the younger the child is, the quicker results are seen. The level of chiropractic care given to children is always at the parent’s discretion and comfort level. Stacy adjusts tiny humans however the parent deems appropriate, on the examination table, or even held up against the parent’s chest.

Stacy always recommends chiropractic care, but don’t be afraid to shop around for which chiro makes you and your little ones the most comfortable! Not all chiros are built the same, finding the right one for you and your family will make all the difference.

“I’m just trying to help, one tiny human at a time.”


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