Sneak Peek into the S.E.E.D. Certification Workshops!



Welcome back to another episode of Voices of Your Village, today is episode 139. I am so jazzed about this episode, because we get to share a snapshot of the S.E.E.D. Certification with you! You will get to hear snapshots of each workshop. We have 5 different instructors: myself, Lori Goodrich who is an occupational therapist, Emily Lesher who is a speech-language pathologist, Jasmine Price has a masters in Early Childhood and is a current PhD candidate, and Dr. Lynyetta Willis who is a psychologist. 


“These humans are so incredible and such beautiful teachers, I am really pumped to share these workshops with you.”


When I was a teacher I yearned for more support. I found myself going to conferences and workshops, only to return to my classroom fired up and falling back into my old patterns and routines. The S.E.E.D. Certification is the culmination of my experience and a year's worth of interviewing teachers, directors, and home care providers to find out what support you really need to succeed as an early childhood educator.


We took all of that information and created these 8 workshops, a total of 7 hours of professional development. When you become S.E.E.D. Certified you receive ongoing support for as long as you are certified. You can reach out to our team with questions at any time, watch our workshops as many times as you’d like, and receive tools to help you implement these practices in your classroom. Also, when you are S.E.E.D. Certified every parent in your school gains access to our Tiny Humans, Big Emotions program.


“This is the support I wanted when I was a teacher, it’s what I wish I had access to.”


The S.E.E.D. Certification is available in English and Spanish, and we have a team prepared to support you in both languages as you do this work.


If new teachers join your school while you are S.E.E.D. Certified they gain access to these workshops for free. We want everyone to be on the same page. 


Before, I would go and present at school and the only ones receiving the information were the ones available to show up that night. For us, the S.E.E.D. Certification is a more comprehensive way to provide professional development and support teachers on this journey.


In this podcast episode you are going to hear a snapshot of each of the 8 workshops. These workshops are: Emotion Coaching for Emotion Processing; Sensory Regulation for All Classrooms: Looking Beyond Sensory Bins to Calm the Nervous System; Boundaries, Disciplines, and Visual Aids for Emotionally Supportive Classrooms; Self-Awareness and Bias in The Classroom; Self-Care and Boundaries for Teachers; Supporting the Development of Children’s Regulation and Language Through Play; Anti-Bias Curriculum and Action; and Connecting with Families.


Each workshop comes with an assessment at the end, when you complete the assessment you receive your professional development certificate. 


“This certification was created by teachers, for teachers. It’s no fluff, no busywork.” 


If you are a parent and you are tuning in, head on over to our website There is a page there for you to download the toolkit to submit to your director, your child’s program if you want your kid’s school to become S.E.E.D. Certified as well.


We also have a scholarship program that will be fully funded by our village, all donation based. 100% of the scholarship contributions will go toward schools becoming S.E.E.D. Certified who are serving marginalized communities. If at least 50% of a school’s student body is made up of BIPOC or if they are serving low income families, we want to make sure they have access to these tools, support, and resources. Schools can apply for our scholarship program at as well as for the S.E.E.D. Certification.


Parents, we are so grateful to you for helping us fund this scholarship program. It is fully donation based and 100% of those proceeds go directly to the schools receiving certification. 


Alright folks, I am so jazzed to share the S.E.E.D. Certificate with you by way of these incredible workshops. Let’s dive on into today's sneak peek!


First up is an excerpt from Emotion Coaching for Emotion Processing by yours truly, Alyssa Blask Campbell! If you’re a long time village member it will come as no surprise that I am kicking off the S.E.E.D. Certificate workshops by getting nerdy about emotion processing. As an emotional development expert and the co-creator of the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method, I’ve been committed to helping parents and caregivers build emotional intelligence in their tiny humans for years. 


Next up is a snippet from Sensory Regulation in the Classroom: Looking Beyond Sensory Bins to Calm the Nervous System by Lori Goodrich, Occupational Therapist. In this workshop Lori dives deep into the root of sensory regulation and chats about how to implement sensory regulation best practices in your classroom, beyond sensory bins. Lori has developed expertise in sensory integration, neurodevelopmental techniques, and feeding/mealtime therapy. And she is passionate about providing accessible and meaningful educational opportunities for parents and professionals in order to support the needs of the community and those in it— which makes her a perfect match for the S.E.E.D. Certificate.


The next workshop sneak peek you’ll hear is from Boundaries, Discipline, and Visual Aids for Emotionally Supportive Classrooms by Alyssa Blask Campbell—  me again! You know I’m all about that emotional support in all areas of raising tiny humans, I loved diving into this workshop to go deep about how to best implement boundaries, discipline, and visual aids in classrooms to best support the classroom experience for all parties.


Next up we have an excerpt from Self-Awareness and Identifying our Biases in the Classroom by psychologist Dr. Lynyetta Willis. In addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Willis is also a family empowerment coach and creator of The Conscious Educator Awareness Triangle, a self-empowerment system for educators and child caregivers dedicated to building stronger, more compassionate relationships with young people. Dr. Willis’s work stands in the sweet spot between social justice and self-improvement, making her an especially valuable member of the S.E.E.D. Certificate team.


The next sneak peek is from Self-Care and Boundaries to Prevent Teacher Burnout by Alyssa Blask Campbell— the rumors are true, this is me again! Guys, teacher burnout is so real. I experienced it first hand during my time in the classroom as an early childhood educator, and I feel very passionately that with the right self-care and boundaries it can absolutely be prevented. Early childhood educators are such a valuable resource and are the beating heart of our tiny human’s classroom experience. By participating in this workshop I hope we can create a world where teacher burnout is no longer a reality.


Next is a snippet from Supporting the Development of Children’s Regulation and Language through Play by Speech Language Pathologist Emily Lesher. Emily has her certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed to practice speech-language pathology within the state of Massachusetts. She has experience working with children with a broad range of diagnoses and abilities in school-based, clinic-based, and early intervention settings. Because of her extensive experience working with children to develop their language and self-regulation, we find Emily to be an essential asset to the S.E.E.D. Certificate team. Say it with me, “A dysregulated adult cannot regulate a dysregulated child!”


This next workshop sneak peek is from Anti-Bias Curriculum in Action for Anti-Racist Classrooms by Jasmine Price, M.Ed, PhD candidate in Early Childhood Education. Jasmine has long been passionate about working with children and relishes the joy that they bring to the classroom. She enjoys being able to work in a way that values children as leaders in curriculum and that is truly centered around the interest of the child. With her child-centered mindset and unparalleled interprofessional leadership skills, inviting Jasmine to join the S.E.E.D. Certificate team was a no-brainer!


Our last workshop excerpt is from Connecting With Families by ya girl, Alyssa Blask Campbell. Don’t be fooled by this being an excerpt from our last workshop, connecting with the families of kiddos in your classroom is a majorly essential skill for early childhood educators to have. Through my years of being a classroom teacher, lead teacher, and childcare center director I know first hand how important it is for educators to foster connections with families. 


That is it! You just got a sneak peek into the brand new S.E.E.D. Certificate!! If any of these excerpts resonated with you, come snag the S.E.E.D. Certificate for access to the full workshops and so much more. And if you have any questions about the S.E.E.D. Certificate head on over to for more information. As always, when you’ve finished listening to this episode come find me @Seed.and.Sew on Instagram and slide into my DMs. Which workshop excerpt particularly resonated with you? Which course are you most excited to take? I want to know! 


I love connecting with you all, and I am so thrilled to finally be able to share the S.E.E.D. Certificate with each and every one of you.


Until next time,





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