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Raising empathetic humans, with Logan Blask


This week I was thrilled to chat with my incredible sister-in-law Logan Blask (again)! You may remember her from episode 26, our most downloaded episode, where we dove into raising emotionally intelligent kiddos. This week we are diving into empathy and how to model and instill empathy in our tiny humans.

Sibling rivalry. Logan shared that her kids are totally allowed and encouraged to disagree, have their own opinions, thoughts, etc. However, physical aggression has been a hard no from the start. They have a family guideline of “hugs, handshakes, and high fives” as appropriate physical touch. When the twins have a disagreement, they are expected to talk it out and...

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Village Chatter: Tiny Humans, Big Emotions


In this episode of Village Chatter, I got to answer different questions you sent me all about raising emotionally intelligent tiny humans. If you want to be part of our Village Chatter and contribute and share different questions you have, it is so easy! All you have to do is join the Facebook page at Seed and Sew: Voices of your Village.

The first question that I answered was at what age should you, as a caregiver, start having conversations with your kiddos about messing up like yelling or losing your cool, in front of your kiddo. The good news is, that in order to see lasting effects with emotional intelligence you only need to get it right 20% of the time and it is never too...

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