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Meet Seed & Sew

Seed & Sew is a village of people across the globe raising emotionally intelligent humans. We are parents, educators, ECE experts, and lifelong learners with a passion for doing this work so we can foster healthy development in our tiny humans.


Hi, I'm Alyssa Blask Campbell; Founder of Seed & Sew. I’m an emotional development expert with a master's degree in early childhood education, mama, and podcaster. I pinch myself on the daily because I truly believe I have the best job here: sharing with committed parents, teachers, and caregivers like you the tools that changed how I showed up with the tiny humans every day.

Meet the Seed Team

The Parenting with Intention Workshop Bundle

What if you could go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your child's big emotions to confidently responding and building their emotion processing foundation? What if you could respond to your triggers with intention to live with less reactivity and stress? Our workshops are here to support you along the way!


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Are you ready for a complete, emotionally supportive plan to move from exhaustion to rest? Choose the sleep class for your child's age group. You’re just a click away from a restful night of sleep.



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Early Childhood Professionals

Are you yearning for social-emotional support in childcare that is not just busy work and actually WORKS? Join our village of S.E.E.D. Certified schools to be at the forefront of emotionally supportive education.


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Newborn Sleep

Are you ready to learn practical tips for optimizing your newborn’s sleep and emotional development? Our Newborn Sleep Class is your comprehensive guide to healthy sleep foundations from the very start.

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Five to 23 months

 What if you could create lasting, positive sleep habits with your child? Let us guide you with a step-by-step plan for reaching your sleep goals while supporting your kiddo’s emotional well-being.

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Two to Five Years

Looking for the tools to establish healthy sleep habits and boundaries for your kiddo? Need help addressing challenging bedtime behavior? This sleep course will give you just that! You're one click away from positive, lasting sleep habits.

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Are you looking for a
 shame-free, judgement-free 
space to dig into this work?

The Village Membership provides exactly that; A place that you can
  trust to have tools, strategies, accountability, and ongoing support to tackle any big emotions that come up as you raise your tiny human. 

As you move through each phase of your kiddo’s life, you can feel equipped knowing you're not alone. You'll not only have the tools to support them in processing their emotions, but you'll have personalized, professional, and structured guidance you can turn to again and again.

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