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voices of your village Dec 27, 2018



2018, what a year! Am I right?! Holy moly, you guys, I cannot believe how much happened this year. In this Voices of Your Village episode I am diving into all the amazing things of 2018, the hard stuff this year, and what we have in store for 2019.

Voices of Your Village Podcast

Uhhh, did you know that a year ago this didn’t exist? Not just the podcast itself, but even the idea of doing a podcast was not occupying my brain. In January 2019 I said to Zach, “I would just get to hang out with people and talk about early childhood. That’s amazing. It turns out that’s not all that goes into running a podcast. In fact, we pay a decent chunk of money to run this podcast every month because I believe so deeply in serving you with free content on this journey of raising emotionally intelligent tiny humans.  If you’re digging it and want to say thanks, just drop a review on Apple Podcasts and SHARE it! Screenshot you tuning in, post about it on your social media, tell a friend; the more you share the more emotionally intelligent humans we get to raise together. Praise the good Lord! That is the dream.


Instagram Community

Y’all our Instagram community has grown by about 1000 people this year. Also, sorry, I can’t stop saying y’all, not sure where that’s coming from. I absolutely love getting to know you on those little squares. It’s a space where I get to share my stories on this journey, connect with you, and show up with authenticity… sometimes in my underwear, sorry mom. Come on over to the gram, follow along @seed.and.sew and let me hear from you; it truly fills my heart when we get to hang out.


Seed & Sew: Voices of Your Village Facebook Group

I had dreams of a space where parents, teachers, and caregivers could ask questions and have both other folks share their experiences, along with experts in the field to respond. See, I found myself as a teacher with access to so many resources, attending conferences, chatting with early childhood experts, yet parents and caregivers raising these kiddos 24/7 didn’t have that same access. I dreamt of building a village where experts in the field could support folks in the trenches and y’all (Idk, man) IT HAPPENED! In our Facebook group, this is exactly what’s going on and I AM HERE FOR IT! Come on over and follow along if you’d like to join in the fun!

Complete Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) research. Check.
Finish writing the CEP Book. Check.
Launch Mama’s Getaway Weekend. Check. (Which sold out in record time and I’m so jazzed for this weekend to arrive!!)

Present at schools, childcare, conferences, workshops, workplaces. Check.

Expand Tiny Humans, Big Emotions groups to serve more parents than ever before. Check.
Hire Rachel, the absolutely amazing Sleep Consultant (and so much more) as the first Seed & Sew employee. Check.
Collaborate with Tara, our graphic designer, and tech Goddess to create an inclusive, gorgeous website that is easy for you to navigate. Check.
Move to Vermont. Check.
Create soooo much content to serve you with in 2019. Check. (and continuing…)

So, what’s in store for 2019?

Sleep Foundations serving you with all the tools to navigate sleep on your own with those littles forever! I get it, not everyone can afford a sleep consultation, or maybe you want something to reference as your kiddo grows and sleep changes. Perhaps you want a tool that can serve you for not just this kiddo, but future kiddos’ sleep. I have the resource for you!! This online sleep course is FULL of all the information about sleep that lives in this brain of mine that has served hundreds of families in the last 5 years of consulting and I’m so excited to share it with you at the end of January! Stay tuned for more details and a special discount when it launches!

Online shop comin’ at ya! I created tools for sleep clients, that are all a part of the sleep foundations course and I want to give you access to them. Maybe you don’t need the whole course, but want to snag some of those tools. I’ve got you covered. In January, you’ll be able to snag those tools from the website to use as much as you want! Stay tuned, friend. 

Tiny Humans, Big Emotions Course is one of the most requested things from 2018, so I am building it for you right now! The reality is that I can’t always run Tiny Humans, Big Emotions groups because there is only enough time in the day, but I want you to always have access to that info. So, here you go! I am filling this course with so many amazing tips and tricks for building your kiddos’ emotional intelligence. Stay tuned for this launch!

Mamas Getaway Weekend is happening and I can’t stop dreaming about it. Six mamas are gathering with me for an all-inclusive weekend in Vermont to build their parenting toolbox in a space where they aren’t chasing after a tiny human while trying to listen. It’s essentially like a hybrid between a parenting conference and a girl's weekend. I mean, how stinkin’ dreamy does that sound. This one sold out way faster than I anticipated. Stay tuned for the next Mamas Getaway Weekend so you can snag your spot!

SURPRISE… wait, did you really think I would give away the surprise in this blog post? No way, dude. Tune into the episode by clicking that link above, or on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play to find out the surprise!

Thank you so much for building this amazing village with me. It fills my soul to be on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see you on Instagram and/or Facebook. Come hang out with me!


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