A weekend just for mamas

An immersive, confidence-building experience to build your toolbox


Watertown, NY
- September 25-26, 2021 -
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You watch Instagram Stories of mamas who appear to have it all put together. You wonder what their secret is (a behind-the-scenes nanny? magic?) 

Mostly, you watch them and think how great it would be to let go of all the expectations and judgement. You’d love to just take off your mama hat and get together with other down-to-earth mamas. You’d all put the pause button on for a couple days, relax, and focus on nurturing yourselves. Better yet, if you could relax and gain tools that would support you and your family when you put your mama hat back on, well, that would be the best of both worlds.

What if you could get together with other mamas and feel reassured that you’re not the only one experiencing the (100% normal) challenges of being a mama?

You could step outside of your routine for a couple days to relax and connect with other mama’s going through the same struggles. You’d feel seen and heard.

Better yet, you would come away from this experience feeling refreshed, energized, and equipped with tools you can bring home with you to feel more regulated and intentional in your parenting.


Created specifically for mamas by emotional development expert Alyssa Blask Campbell, Mama’s Getaway Weekend is a two-day, immersive event designed to support mama’s in their parenting journey with workshops, opportunities to ask hard questions, and tools that can be applied at home. 

Let’s be real: the virtual world is great for many things, but nothing can compare to the connections we make in person. We are so excited to offer this amazing opportunity to cultivate relationships, build our parenting toolboxes, hold space for one another, and connect with other mamas who share our struggles and want to feel less alone on this journey.

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One Weekend, Lasting Tools and Connections.

Watertown, NY
- September 25-26, 2021 -

Mama’s Getaway Weekend provides: 

  • 2 full days of connecting, learning, and building your toolbox
  • 6 workshops presented by early childhood experts 
  • Mama’s Mingle, an evening of connection in a relaxed setting 
  • Breakfast and lunch each day of the retreat  
  • Actionable tools for raising emotionally intelligent humans 
  • A judgement-free, down-to-earth environment for sharing challenges and asking questions

One-Time Payment


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Four Monthly Installments of $159

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You will come away from this weekend feeling supported, recharged, and more confident in your parenting journey.

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From the Getaway Weekend, expect to: 

  • Feel less alone in this journey 
  • Connect with a village of mamas experiencing similar struggles
  • Expand and build your emotional toolbox  
  • Reconnect to truths that you know in your heart, but are easy to forget in the day-to-day bustle 
  • Learn coping strategies for yourself that translate to parenting with connection
  • Bring home strategies for working with your co-parent to be consistent in raising emotionally intelligent tiny humans together 
  • Gain language for responding to your tiny human with intention
  • Find greater confidence in your parenting skills 
  • Build relationships  
  • Feel relaxed!


“What I love about Alyssa’s approach is that she’s very down-to-earth. She relates so well to people, has so much knowledge to share about how to work with tiny humans, but also how to care for ourselves. She’s taught me so much about how to interact with my sons, but also about how to have grace for myself.”  


“It was everything I wanted and more.”




“Mama’s Getaway Weekend was something I didn’t know I was missing, and exactly what I needed. I went into the weekend not really knowing what to expect and not really knowing anyone. I left with my cup full and confidence and excitement soaring.”

Where we'll spend the weekend

Mama’s Getaway Weekend will take place at the historic Lincoln Loft in Watertown, New York. The Loft is located in Watertown’s downtown square and is easy to get to by car. 

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Plan to fly into Watertown International Airport and take an Uber or rental car to get here. For lodging, there’s a Best Western that’s just a five minute walk from the Loft, and a Fairfield Inn & Suites within a 10-minute drive. For a waterfront view, Harbor House Inn in Sackets Harbor is a 15-minute drive away. Syracuse, and Syracuse International Airport, is also just an hour from Watertown.

Ask for Mama's Getaway Weekend rates when you call to reserve your room at Best Western or Fairfield Inn & Suites.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to build your toolbox with other mama’s.

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Weekend Overview

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Over the course of two days, we’ll gather in a relaxing, safe space to learn and grow through workshops and conversations. On Saturday night, join us for an optional Mama’s Mingle so you can build on these connections you’ve started making in the workshops. Take off your mama hat and just be a human for a night.
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- September 25, 2021 -

  • Welcome
  • Breakfast/coffee/tea
  • Workshops presented by Alyssa Blask Campbell + other early childhood experts
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon workshops
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Saturday evening
- September 25, 2021 -

  • Mama’s Mingle
    Hang out and unwind with other mamas as well as the Seed & Sew team. This optional event allows for time to connect to others that are also on this mothering journey.
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- September 26, 2021 -

  • Breakfast/coffee/tea
  • Workshops from Alyssa + other early childhood experts 
  • Lunch 
  • Afternoon workshops
  • Closing
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About Seed & Sew

Seed & Sew is a village of people across the globe raising emotionally intelligent humans. We are parents, educators, ECE experts, and lifelong learners with a passion for doing this work so we can foster healthy development in our tiny humans. 

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In case you're new to the village, hi, I'm Alyssa!

I’m an emotional development expert, small town Vermonter, podcaster, and someone who saved my own life through the very emotional intelligence skills I’m going to share during Mama’s Getaway Weekend. For years I stuffed away my feelings until I learned to process my emotions again in a healthy way. I’ve seen the transformative power of this work in my own life, and in others’. I pinch myself on the daily because I truly believe I have the best job here: sharing with committed mama’s and caregivers like you the tools that helped me live fully again.

Is Mama’s Getaway Weekend the event for you?  

 If you’re a mama looking for a supportive, welcoming environment to share your struggles and build tools, Mama’s Getaway Weekend is for you. If you have questions about your parenting journey and would love to tap into the knowledge of early childhood experts, you will find the opportunity here. If you want to come together with other mamas and grow together, this retreat is for you. 


This will be a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend where we will help you build your toolbox. At the same time, this isn’t a spa retreat. We will have real, heartfelt conversations and at times dive into some of the raw experiences of motherhood. If you’re open to learning, sharing your journey, and seeing it from new perspectives, I promise you babe, you’ll get so much out of this weekend.


“The most surprising part for me was how almost everything we learned goes far beyond just our tiny humans. It impacts our whole lives and all of our relationships, not just the ones we have with our kids.”


“I learned better coping strategies for myself and ways my partner and I can work together to stay consistent with our kids and our intentional words."


“Dispelling myths, offering language, and opening our eyes to simple reminders, among many other things, all contributed to building a bigger and better parenting toolbox.”


Don't let another year go by wondering when this will get easier.

Mama, you don’t have to feel alone in your journey. There is a village of other mamas who are looking for the same support you are. You can keep setting aside your feelings and struggles, or you can take this step and find the connection and support you are looking for through this transformative weekend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I'm ready!
Tiny Humans Big Emotions

Mama, you give so much to everyone else. Isn't it time you carve out something for yourself?

Mama’s Getaway Weekend is a rare opportunity to pause, focus, and gain tools that are going to lighten the parenting load. You’ll build your village as you learn and connect with other mamas. 

By stepping outside of your routine for a weekend, you will step back into it feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and intentional.

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