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Raising emotionally intelligent kiddos doesn't have to be so hard.


Imagine being able to respond to your tiny human’s emotions with intention. You feel confident helping them navigate big feelings. You know how to hold that space for them, and for yourself. The emotions are still there, but you know how to help your kiddo process them in ways that help you both feel more connected.  

Our classes are here to act as a guide, so together, we can foster healthy development in our tiny humans.





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The Parenting with Intention Workshop Bundle

Includes our two flagship classes: Tiny Humans, Big Emotions & It Starts With You: Reparenting Your Adult Self

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It Starts With You: Reparenting Your Adult Self

This class will teach you how to better process your own emotions so you can help have a healthier relationship with others and enjoy life more.

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Tiny Humans, Big Emotions

This class will teach you simple ways to soothe yourself so that you can meet your child with confidence, even in the midst of a tantrum or other big emotion, with the grace and patience she deserves.

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Sleep Classes

These classes, broken down by age, show you how to establish and maintain developmentally appropriate expectations (DAE) so you can implement sleep routines for your kiddo.

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The Highly Sensitive Child

Join me in this hour-long workshop as we dive into sensory and emotional sensitivities, exploring the root causes and learning tools to help support these unique and wonderful kiddos.

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Moving from Coping Mechanisms to Coping Strategies

Let's dive into mechanisms and strategies, looking at the differences between the two, how they can co-exist, and how to move from coping mechanisms to coping strategies.

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Meet Alyssa

checkA mother and emotional development expert and the co-creator of the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method, Alyssa Blask Campbell is committed to helping parents and caregivers build emotional intelligence in their tiny humans.

Alyssa grew up in a village in the traditional sense, with grandparents down the street in a neighborhood where everyone knew each other’s name. Throughout her teens, she supported single and working moms, nannying all through college and beyond. Alyssa went on to get her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and found her soul fulfilled as she walked alongside folks committed to raising emotionally intelligent humans.

Through Seed & Sew, she provides training, coaching, and ongoing support to parents and caregivers around emotional development, reparenting, and sleep. Alyssa is a small town Vermonter and you can hear her talk about all things emotional development on her podcast, Voices of Your Village, which is currently tuned into from over 100 countries worldwide.

check Seed & Sew is a village of people across the globe raising emotionally intelligent humans.

With hundreds of thousands of people in our village, we are parents, educators, ECE experts, and lifelong learners who value progress over perfection and have a passion for doing this work so we can foster healthy development in our tiny humans.

Seed & Sew offers training in emotional development, sleep, and reparenting through online and in person workshops, coaching, and more to make this possible, and our engaged social media followers and faithful podcast listeners have created a shame-free online village.

Still undecided?

There’s never been a better moment to invest in your connection with your child. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable and we all crave the safety and security of belonging to a healthy, connected family. The quarantine experience has brought up big feelings you thought you left behind in your own childhood, and sheltering at home means there is nowhere to hide and limited ways to distract yourself. 

Now is the time to invest your time and energy into doing this life-changing work that will securely ground your family relationships and increase your emotional intelligence.

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