Fall Daylight Saving Time

Welcome to Voices of Your Village episode 143! As we move closer to turning our clocks back an hour, you know what that means, it is time for a rebroadcast of our popular Daylight Savings Time episode! This episode is filled to the brim with the best tips and tricks to manage your tiny human’s sleep schedule during this oft-dreaded changing of the clocks. Cus babe, it doesn’t have to be this hard.


Freebie Alert! This time around we have even more daylight savings assistance for you, in the form of our brand new Fall Sleep Guide! You can snag the freebie right here to be on your way to a smooth daylight savings time tiny human sleep transition.


For even more sleepy time support, head on over to @Seed.Sleep on Instagram for daily emotionally supportive sleep tips in a shame free environment. Babe, we know that this jazz isn’t easy, but no one should have to go through it alone. We love having you in our village, now let’s get snoozy!

Until next time,




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