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How Wonderschool is changing childcare systems with Chris Bennett

 00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, this is episode 227. In this episode I get to hang out with the CEO of Wonderschool, Chris Bennett. Chris and I got to dive into how Wonderschool is changing childcare systems. Ya'll know I am not here for a Band-aid on a bullet hole. I love really taking a million steps back and looking at the whole picture, getting that bird's eye view and saying, how do we create systems change? Change that supports Early Childhood educators, that's best for families and for kids. What does this really look like and how do we afford to do it? What does it look like logistically? Wonderschool is a huge piece of that...

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How to Break Cycles with Kobe Campbell

#real life reparenting voyv Apr 06, 2023


00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village. This is episode 226. I got to hang out with Kobe Campbell to dive into her first book. Why Am I Like This? How to Break Cycles, Heal from Trauma and Restore Your Faith. Y'all, this conversation, it was so fun to have and to dive into, really at the crux of doing this work, of raising emotionally intelligent humans is diving into our own work of who am I? What am I coming to the table with? What am I bringing from my childhood, and how do I build tools and awareness so that I can regulate and respond with intention? So many of us did not grow up with these tools for emotional intelligence, and we're trying to...

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Building resilience for Early Childhood Educators with Ellen Drolette

00:00:01    Alyssa

 You're listening to Voices of Your Village. This is episode 223. For this episode I got to hang out with my dear friend Ellen Drolette to chat about building resilience for Early Childhood educators. Ellen is the author of "Overcoming teacher burnout" where she goes into strategies for supporting Early Childhood educators in this field that we know is so ripe with burnout. Ya'll we need to support our Early Childhood educators and Ellen and I got to chat about how to do just that. We know that now more than ever there is a teacher shortage and teachers leaving the field in droves. Because we're exhausted, we're overworked and underpaid and alone and...

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