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How to Raise Kids Who Participate in Taking Care of the Home with Lori Sugarman-Li

 00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village. And in this episode, I got to dive in with Lori Sugarman -Li about how to raise kids who participate in taking care of the home. You'll hear about it in this episode, like it's something that's been a challenge for me is really looking at taking care of the home, doing dishes, all that jazz versus playing with Sage and just hanging out and not doing all of those things when he's asleep. And I think I really just feel this pull to not have all of our time be spent on household things when I'm out of work and when he's awake. We got to have a real honest conversation about it. Lori believes deeply in the power...

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Navigating the Age of "High Pressure Parenting" with Dr. Aliza Pressman


00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, and today I got to hang out with someone I've adored for a while from afar, from her podcast, Dr. Aliza Pressman. She's a developmental psychologist with nearly two decades of experience working with families and the healthcare providers who care for them. Aliza is an assistant clinical professor in the Division of Behavioral Health Department of Pediatrics in the ICAN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, where she is co -founding director of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center. Aliza is also the host of the award -winning podcast, Raising Good Humans. It is such a great podcast. I love it. I've been a...

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