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How to Navigate Grief and Loss with Ashley LeMieux

00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village. This is episode 262. I got to hang out with Ashley Lemieux and chat about grief and loss and what it looks like to navigate those. I think this is an especially tricky time of year where a lot of grief can come up and we can almost like be reliving loss. I have followed Ashley's journey for a long time and have found bits and pieces of myself in her journey sometimes mirroring the same timelines. And I want to let you know that there are a bunch of things in here as we're talking about grief and loss that might be triggering or hard to hear. And if you are not in a place for that, hit pause. Come on back when you're...

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Decluttering Holiday "Shoulds" with Rachel Nielson

holidays parenting voyv Nov 23, 2023

00:00:00    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, and this is episode 259. This is a selfish episode because I really needed it. This is about how to declutter the shoulds in the holiday season. I, y 'all like one of my challenges is like, Oh, I should be doing this. I should be baking cookies with my kids. I should be doing family photos and holiday cards and getting those sent out. but all of these shoulds add up for me. And ultimately, I end up showing up as a parent I don't wanna be when it's a lot of things that really don't matter to me or that I don't super care about, but I can end up in that land of "shoulds". 


00:00:50    Alyssa


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