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Respectful Parenting IRL: Changing Your Perspective


00:00:04    Destini

"Literally our only job to keep them off the bench. The only thing we have to do, the only requirement is practice. That's it."


00:00:14    Destini

"Even though I am very intentional about, not projecting that. It still comes up." 


00:00:25    Destini

"Something's up and we're going to have to, we would be better trying to work that out in practice, then trying to do it right now." 


00:00:35    Destini

"Slowly going down that emotional ladder with her. She was slowly coming down. But in my mind, I was like, I'm tired as hell." 


00:00:44    Destini

"We want to be...

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Respectful Parenting IRL: Parenting with Disabilities


00:00:04    Jessica

"Like as soon as our adrenaline is activated or cortisol spikes. It's really hard to be a respectful parent." 


00:00:16    Jessica

"And I think I've been because I have to spend so much time resting. I've like been training for this my whole life." 


00:00:26    Jessica

"Verbal redirection is not all that effective when they're flooded." 


00:00:33    Jessica

"And his sensory needs became more than just touching me. Then it became much harder." 


00:00:42    Jessica

"And I guess it's giving myself enough compassion to believe that that is louder deep in him than the...

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Respectful Parenting IRL: Enjoying the Journey

00:00:04    Marcela

"Where did it come from? Do they come from the expectations that my parents had about me?"


00:00:15    Marcela

"That mistakes are not a reflection of my character. "


00:00:27    Marcela

"They're not giving us a hard time. They're having a hard time themselves." 


00:00:36    Marcela

"So, mom guilt is always there. But what do you do with that mom guilt?" 


00:00:43    Marcela

"And that's the fruit of the work. I've been doing with him for the last five years. "


00:00:55    Alyssa

Hey there. I'm Alyssa Blask Campbell. I'm a mom with a Master's degree in Early...

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Respectful Parenting IRL: Managing Your Energy Throughout the Day

00:00:02    Trystan

"They are going to feel, even if they don't know consciously, they're going to feel you're not at peace with this and ready to say sorry for it."


00:00:14    Trystan

"I've done all the things, it doesn't matter, he doesn't care about my respectful parenting. He's going to have a meltdown no matter what." 


00:00:25    Trystan

"Okay, and my energy's where, you know, I'm winding down. I got five more minutes left in me. And then I'm going to go have some me time."


00:00:35    Trystan

"I'm just supposed to like, keep getting up every day, keep taking my kids to school." 


00:00:45    ...

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Respectful Parenting IRL: Raising Black Boys

00:00:03    Jamie

"It was a human guttural reaction from a black parent surrounded by non-Black families."


00:00:14    Jamie

"The things we have to think about, that being one of maybe like five Brown families in a school of probably 800 families."


00:00:25    Jamie

"And it got to the point, I'm a yeller...ugh, I'm a yeller. I said it, and I'll own it, and I'm working on it"


00:00:35    Jamie

"Because if you push too hard, it's very different than your friend pushing too hard."


00:00:43    Jamie

"While I don't always see the behavior immediately, the times that I do are just really cool." 



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How do you process as an adult? with NY Times Best Seller, Lori Gottlieb


00:00:35    Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, this is episode 204. I got to hang out with author Lori Gottlieb of "Maybe You Should Talk To Someone." One of my favorite books that I read in 2019, and she shares in this episode about how to process emotions as an adult. What does this look like, to do the emotion processing work as an adult. How do we navigate that when we have kiddos around us too. This was such a fun conversation for me and I hope that you enjoy it, and also go snag her book! It is so good. In the new year we are going to be doing a free self-regulation challenge for adults. So how to regulate our...

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Setting Boundaries with Adults


00:00:00    Alyssa:

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, this is episode 203. In this episode I got to hang out with my friend Xavier Dagba to chat about setting boundaries with adults, as adults. Gosh this is a hot one as we come into some holiday time for folks, a lot of family time, but really it's a hot one for all the time. What does this look like? What comes up for us from our childhood, and our social programming and our patterns and habits when we set boundaries with other adults. I know that it can be super loaded and I'm jazzed to share this episode with you, Xavier is a fantastic follow on Instagram as well if you want to head over...

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Intimacy, Sexuality, and Connection in Parenthood

0:00:00 Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village this is episode 198. In this episode I got to hang out with Michaela Boehm, she's a psychologist and really dives into connection and intimacy and spirituality and we were chatting about what that looks like in parenthood. And into things like is six weeks realistic ever? Or what does it look like to connect with someone at the end of the day and you've had a human on your body all day long. This episode was so requested and she is, Michaela is incredible. I loved this episode and loved my conversation with her and I'm so excited to bring it to you today.


0:00:45 Alyssa 

Before we dive in, I wanted to let you know we...

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How to respond instead of spanking

 00:00:00   Alyssa

You're listening to Voices of Your Village, this is episode 195. In this episode we're chatting about how to respond instead of spanking. There's tons of research out there that talks about why spanking isn't productive and how it can actually breed some pretty gnarly things down the road and patterns of abuse for children who were  spanked, then repeating patterns of abuse in adulthood. However, the reality is, that a lot of folks who are turning to spanking are doing so because they're reacting in the moment and they don't know what else to do. And they're afraid of a behavior being on going and repeating itself. And all of the "what ifs?" that...

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