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Gun play in early childhood, with Angela Garcia

voices of your village Jul 05, 2018



On today’s podcast, I got the chance to talk about a topic that many listeners were interested in learning more about. The topic of gunplay is one the comes with uncertainty as to how caregivers handle this type of play with their kiddos. I had the chance to talk to my friend and former co-worker, Angela Garcia, as we dove into this topic. We have an open discussion about the concerns and uncomfortable feelings that many people have when this type of play takes place. Coming from different views, in regard to this topic, Angela and I get to share our perspectives and thoughts with one another, which leads to an honest and real conversation. 

Angela has been a...

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Diving into Down Syndrome, with Nao Pinard

voices of your village Jun 28, 2018



On today’s podcast, I had the amazing opportunity of talking to Nao Pinard who is the momma of two kiddos, Maya and Emalee. Shortly after Emalee was born, Nao and her husband, Sean, found out that their daughter had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Throughout our conversation, Nao shared with me her honest and real feelings that she experienced after giving birth to Emalee and all the challenging yet wonderful experiences that she has experienced since Emalee’s birth. Nao serves as an amazing resource for parents and family members who are coming into this journey or who are already in it. 

After Nao gave birth to Emalee it took her a lot of time to...

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That working mom life, with Bryn Huntpalmer

voices of your village May 31, 2018



On today’s podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to talk with the incredible Bryn Huntpalmer. Bryn is an extremely hardworking momma to her two kiddos and one tiny human who is on the way! She is also the founder of the podcast called The Birth Hour. Bryn shared with me all the ups and downs that come with being a working mom! We got to talk about the different challenges that she encountered from the start of her career as well as the obstacles and rewarding experiences her life journey as brought her so far. 

During her first pregnancy with Adelaide, Bryn was in graduate school and her husband, Richard, was in law school. With a considerably flexible schedule,...

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