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Preparing Your Partnership For Postpartum (and Parenting Multiple Kids) with Ashley Brichter


00:00:00    Alyssa

Yeah, so then you have a baby and unlike having your first baby where you're like, oh my gosh, I know nothing about this baby. Now you have a little bit more benefit to like, okay, I've been through something like this before, right? But you've maybe never been like leaking milk and really sore and finding it hard to go to the bathroom while somebody wants you to read a story or make a cake or walk them to school. 


00:01:27    Alyssa

Correct, your have fluids coming out of all holes and they're like, mama, mama, yeah, yeah, really looking forward to that. 


00:07:38    Ashley

Yeah, I think, you know, in the...

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Preparing Your Partnership for the Birth of a Sibling with Ashley Brichter


00:00:00    Alyssa

Hello, everyone. Today, I get to hang out with Ashley Brichter. She is an educator, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Despite her experience with hundreds of families as a doula and birth educator, like so many, her birth did not, quote, go as planned. Better for it, she founded Birth Smarter in 2019, which provides unbiased, inclusive, and award -winning practical wisdom and guidance to the next generation of families. Ashley was born and raised in New York City, though she's relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah and is enjoying the mountains and red rocks of the West with her husband and two amazing kids. She's a certified Fair Play facilitator...

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